Westworld: What is ‘The Valley’ and why is everyone heading there?

It seems like everyone on Westworld is heading to the same location, but that location has many different names. Here are all the clues and theories we have so far…

This post has major spoilers for Season 2 Episode 2.

The weapon Dolores was talking about and the valley mentioned through the episode are the same, but we aren’t sure yet how they are connected. When Ford somehow took over another character to stop William from breaking the rules of the game, he had some words for William. “This game was meant for you, but you must play it alone,” he told him harshly. “I’ll see you in the Valley Beyond William.”. It seems like everyone is heading to the same location, but this location has many names. Some call it “The Valley Beyond.” Dolores has been gathering her army of people, trying to get to “Glory.” As Dolores described it: “An old friend was foolish enough to show me. It’s not a place; it’s a weapon. And I’m going to use it to destroy them.”

She was talking about the valley that William showed to her earlier in the episode when William was much younger. At that time, William told her that it was an “answer to a question that no one dreamed to ask.” But now that William is older, he refers to it as a “Place of Judgment” and his greatest mistake, which he built. When he tried to put together an army in Episode 2, Robert told him through another host that he would see William in the Valley Beyond. So it seems that at least part of Robert’s game is aimed at forcing William to go there. And Dolores is headed there too. What is being built here? Is this the same area that we saw at the end of the last episode, where all the hosts were found dead? That western valley and its sea were not on any survey of the park, the Delos employees noted. “It shouldn’t be there.” There’s no way Ford made it without anyone knowing, the Delos employees said when they found the valley last week.  “So where did it come from?” The sea was filled with hundreds of dead host robots.

What William built was his greatest mistake, and also was a question no one dreamed to ask… But Dolores now plans to make it her weapon. It’s “Glory,” the “Valley Beyond,” and a “Place of Judgment.”. Fans have many theories. Perhaps it’s part of a narrative, just like Wyatt was part of a narrative. So the idea of a place of judgment is part of a narrative memory. Or maybe this is where Delos hides data that it’s storing illegally about hosts.

Or maybe it is something completely different. What do you think this all means? Let us know in the comments below..

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