Westworld Season 2 Trailer Explained

A new trailer is out for Westworld Season 2, and it reveals lots about the character arcs and themes of the new season, as well as some glimpses at the deepest secrets of Westworld. Bernard wakes up on a beach with the sort of hangover you can only get from finding out that you’re a robot and your whole life is a lie and also the sea’s full of corpses. Bernard has some thinking to do. Who is he now? What does his life mean? And after Dolores’ robot uprising, whose side is he on? Is he with his robot brethren? Or with the humans he’s lived with all his life? We see Bernard with human security forces including Charlotte, Stubbs, and new characters Maling and Karl. But Charlotte discovers a bunch of old Bernard hosts. How will she and the other humans react when they find out that Bernard is a machine? How can they trust him? Dolores is enjoying her new freedom.

But she’s also waging a brutal war against humans. She captures and hangs people, she says it’s a “reckoning”, justice for the terrible things humans did to hosts . But it’s also a fight for survival. “It’s us or them” she says. With Dolores is her army of masked men, and Clementine, and Teddy. Teddy seems to be the angel on Dolores’ shoulder, politely suggesting that violent genocide might not be the right thing to do. “Is this really what you want?” he asks . Dolores meets Maeve, and she also questions Dolores – Maeve suggests that taking violent revenge makes you just as bad as the humans are . Maeve’s goal is to reunite with her robot daughter. So she confronts Sizemore and demands that he help her . Sizemore points out that Maeve’s daughter is just a robot, a machine programmed to play a role – it’s not really her daughter . But Maeve wants her anyway. Maybe the idea here is that the only meaning in life is what we choose to value, so there’s beauty in Maeve’s love for her daughter even if it’s artificial.

We see Maeve in Shogun World, the Japanese-themed Delos park. Which is weird, because last season, Felix said that Maeve’s daughter is in Park 1. And on the Delos website, it looks like Westworld is Park 1, not Shogun World – so why is Maeve there? Maybe the entrance to Westworld is locked down, so Maeve has to take a detour through Shogun World to get in. Maybe she’ll also see some of the other four parks.

Westworld security forces mop up what’s left after Dolores’ massacre. And later it looks like they get in a fight with the Confederados, the ex-confederate soldier hosts from last season. Charlotte, meanwhile, has her own mission. A video hidden on the Delos website shows Charlotte’s name along with the words “Find Peter Abernathy”. Peter is the host who Charlotte tried to use to smuggle data out of Westworld last season. Her plan failed when Peter disappeared from host cold storage. It looks like now, Charlotte’s trying to get him back. So all of this stuff is happening in the present of Westworld, but Season 2, like last season, uses a non-linear timeline. Some parts of the story are set decades in the past. So we see Dolores with Arnold, the original human Bernard from thirty years ago.

And he tells her that dreams “don’t mean anything” – but Dolores doesn’t like that answer . Maybe because, according to Ford, “dreams mean everything” – they represent the people “who we could become” . So maybe Dolores is now angry that she was held back from her destiny for so long. We see Dolores after sex with Logan – it looks like they’re both at this party or corporate gig in some real world-looking city – so this could be New York – or maybe it’s another park, Futureworld or something.

We also see Logan naked in the desert. Maybe this is what happened to Logan after William tied him naked to a horse last season. It looks like we’ll learn more about William and Logan’s conflict, and how William took over the Westworld corporation, Delos. In the trailer, we see James Delos, the founder of the company, walking angrily from Logan – who is possibly James’ son.

James seems a complicated character, we see him bloodied at a broken mirror in a hidden video on the Westworld site. And we see young William meeting Dolores. But this isn’t the conscious humanlike Dolores he fell in love with last season – this Dolores looks wiped, and unconscious. Maybe the pain of seeing the woman he loved reduced to a machine is part of what led William to become the Man in Black . Last season, the Man in Black wanted the violence in Westworld to become real and dangerous and challenging – and now, he’s got his wish . So why does he put a gun to his head, and talk about burning it to the ground ? In Season 1, Ford tells the story of a greyhound that chases a cat. When it catches and kills the cat, it gets confused, and doesn’t know what to do next . Maybe old William is the same. He got what he wanted, so now he needs a new purpose.

He might find purpose in a quest for the door. Season 2 of Westworld is titled The Door, and we see William approaching the entrance of some bunker. He’s also seen here with the broken body of Robert, the robot version of young Ford. And Robert appears in hidden video saying “now you’re in my game. And this game is find the door”.

Maybe this will be another cryptic quest to keep William busy for another season. Or maybe it’s a chance for him to break out of his empty cycle of violence, and to find new meaning in life. Finally, we see more of these mysterious drone hosts. Showrunner Jonathan Nolan says they’re connected to the Delos corporation’s “secret project” in Westworld . Maybe this red technology stuff is also involved – it sure looks like some super important vibranium unobtanium special nano stuff so… keep an eye on that. [] But it’s anyone’s guess what exactly Delos’s project is. In the 1976 Westworld sequel Futureworld, Delos makes robot clones to replace world leaders and take over the world – so it could be something like that. Or maybe it’s a military technology thing. Or human consciousness research. In Season 1, Charlotte suggests it’s related to the data hidden in Peter’s head, so maybe her quest is key to Delos’ big secret. So there’s a lot going on here. Westworld continues to tell a complex non-linear story, exploring identity, consciousness, meaning on a backdrop splattered with violence and sex. This promises to be another intense season of TV.

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