Westworld Season 2 Episode 3 Review & Theories

This episode begins with park six – which looks like an Indian world. According to the Westworld site, “this park is called the “Raj World.” Raj being the term that defined the period of British Sovereign rule in India, perhaps during the ascent and dominance of the British East India Company as a governing power around the turn of 18th century.

If this name pans out, an Imperial Britain-In-India narrative would be a likely scenario. Raj is the Hindi word for “Rule.” So it’s obvious which time period will be used in this park. You can also see a flag on top of the palace. It’s not a clear shot but it does look A LOT like a British Imperial flag, right? Also according to this site, Delos owns 6 parks. The first park is Westworld. Second park is Shogun World. And the sixth park is Rajworld. The guests will go to this park to hunt the Bengal Tigers in the Rajworld. In the first episode, when they saw the tiger washed up on the shore, Stubbs mentioned that “they’ve got Bengals in park 6, but they have never had a stray across park borders.” But in this episode, we saw exactly how that tiger got there along with the guest woman he was hunting.

According to this guy, they are at the edge of the park. But the river near park six obviously connects to park 1 aka Westworld, because both the Tiger and that woman fell into the river and later washed up on the shore of Westworld. The woman was captured by Ghost Nation before Delos employees reached there. In one of the trailers, we saw that Ghost Nation were taking their captives somewhere, so this woman will be among those captives. I’ll make a separate video on all these trailers later. Anyways, you know what this means? Just like the movie, the host uprising isn’t limited to only one park. So I guess it’s safe to assume that ALL the hosts from ALL the six parks are rebelling. In the very last scene, we saw that a Samurai attacked Maeve and her team, which now also includes Felix, Sylvester and Armistice. In the trailers, we saw Maeve in the Shogun world holding a Samurai sword. As I had mentioned in my episode 2 review video, Maeve is usually very good at controlling the hosts.

Idk why the Ghost Nation hosts were an exception to that. Other than the Ghost Nation hosts, almost all the other hosts we have seen so far, seem to follow her commands. So my guess is, Maeve will somehow control this Samurai host and will have him take her to the Shogun world. I wonder if she knows how to use a sword, or maybe she will learn to use it by having Felix or Lee program it into her. What do you think? Dolores seems to have become even more ruthless than we thought she will.

At first she had that Delos employee killed. That was understandable, but she also sacrificed her own ally, the Colonel and his men saying “We don’t all deserve to make it”. She ordered Teddy to kill the men who were left. Teddy lets them go and Dolores didn’t seem very happy about that. You can see them having a conversation in one of the trailers. Obviously, she somehow makes him believe in her again, since Teddy will later dress as one of the Delos employee to infiltrate Delos. Dolores wants to dominate this world, and she wants to take the outside world too. That’s what she told Teddy in the first episode. “It won’t be enough to win this world.
We’ll need to take that one from them as well.”

Dolores finally meets with her father Peter Abernathy. He is acting weird because of all the data Charlotte had uploaded in him. She asks Bernard to help him. He tells Dolores that someone wrote a thin personality to mask a much bigger file which is hidden behind an immensely complex encryption key. He manages to crack the key (code) before the Delos employees reached them. It says “One-time use key.” So I guess if Bernard used this key, Charlotte won’t be able to access the data she hid inside Peter Abernathy. What do you think?

What is Dolores is allowed to escape and remember her past exploits outside the park? It’s reasonable to think that Ford and Bernard would have wiped out those memories of the real world if they never had any intentions of letting Dolores go free. They would have thought that her exposure to the real world was only experimental and thus eliminated the data. But it seems like letting Dolores escape was their intention all along. From the last episode, we could see that Dolores was Arnold’s favourite host. He almost seemed to think of her as a person. Ford might not have agreed with him from the very beginning but after Arnold’s death, he might have wanted to fulfil his dream. He probably created Bernard for this purpose only.  I still think Maeve is the only one who is truly free. Dolores’s actions might have been scripted because just like the Colonel and his men and so many other hosts, she is also trying to go to Glory.

Maeve is the one who doesn’t care about going to the Valley Beyond. She only wants to get her daughter and leave the park. But then again, Glary might be their only way out, it might be a way to destroy the park. So, what do you think of these theories, don’t forget to tell us in the comments.

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