Westworld Season 2 Episode 1: Journey Into Night Review

Before we get to season 2, let’s take a quick look at what happened in season 1. The Man in Black aka William was looking for a maze to free the hosts. In the past, Robert Ford wanted to open the park but his partner Arnold didn’t.

Arnold initiated a plan to destroy the park. He merged another character named Wyatt into Dolores. He made Dolores and Teddy destroy all the hosts. Upon using reveries, Arnold also enabled Dolores to kill humans. He used the voice command “These violent delights have violent ends,” And Dolores killed Arnold. Arnold almost succeeded in his plans but Ford found a new investor William to keep the park going. After that Ford tried to fulfill Arnold’s dream of freeing the hosts. In the end, Dolores solved the maze and freed herself. The board forced Ford to retire after introducing his new narrative “Journey into the Night.” This story is based on Arnold. Ford says, “It begins in a time of war with a villain named Wyatt and a killing. This time by choice.” Which means last time, Dolores had no choice when she killed Arnold and the other hosts, but this time, she will kill Ford and the guests in the park by her own choice.

Ford said this will be his final Story. Now let’s come back to season 2. The first episode is named “Journey into Night,” which means as I have mentioned in my previous videos already, this season will be all about Dolores and the hosts waging war against the humans and eventually getting their freedom. The episode begins with Bernard waking up on the shore of an island 2 weeks after the incidents of the gala. Karl says communications has been down for 2 weeks.

Just like season 1, season 2 also shows scenes from past and the present together. It won’t be in chronological order, so it’s hard to figure out which scene is from the past and which one is from the present most of the time. In the past scene, Arnold tells Dolores he saw a dream where he was on the shore of an ocean and Dolores had left him behind. In the present, Bernard sees a series of flashback scenes of what happened between the events of the Gala until waking up on the shore. These are probably his memories. He sees Dolores in this dream, which would mean that Bernard had already met and talked with her. In the dream, she said, “It’s been some time Bernard,” “You don’t know who you are,” & “There’s beauty in what we are etc.” You can also see Bernard firing a gun in his dream. Another proof that Bernard has met with Dolores before is that when Lee and Maeve arrive in the control room, they find all the employees dead, but Bernard remembers them being killed in his dream before he wakes up on the shore.

Maybe he killed some Delos employees too. Bernard seems so conflicted when he wakes up. He is definitely not happy with the way the Delos employees are killing all the hosts. He knows he is a host too. But when they find all the hosts bodies dumped in the sea, he says he was the one who killed them and dumped them in the sea.

Teddy’s body was there too but I don’t think Dolores was dead. It’s hard to see Dolores letting Bernard kill Teddy, but Teddy was uncomfortable with all the killings. Who knows, maybe he will try to stop Dolores? What if Dolores was the one who killed them and Bernard was covering for her? We already saw Dolores killing the hosts she thought “Didn’t deserve to make it to the Valley Beyond.” What does that even mean BTW? My guess is, it means the outside world. And I think that the hosts will make it to the Valley beyond at the end of season 3 aka, they will go into the outside world. Season 3 could be all about that. That could also be the reason why Bernard or Dolores killed all those hosts? It might be a part of their plan to leave Westworld. By making Delos think that they are all dead and only taking a few selected hosts who are ready to leave.

But they will have to delete all of Delos data for this plan to succeed. I think Dolores sent Bernard to the beach on purpose so that Delos could find him and will take him with them and he could spy on the management or try to destroy all the data about the hosts? Stubbs had recognized him and scolded one of his team members by saying “You’re gonna shoot the boss?” Charlotte also trusts Bernard. No one suspects him because he has always been there with the management. That’s probably why Robert planted him there in the first place, to give the hosts an edge. Bernard’s DNA was also checked out and he was allowed to enter. Everything is still happening according to Ford’s plan. This is what he had wanted. They also created some drones who are studying guest’s experience and DNA. But why would they do that? Were they planning to do something bigger with the hosts just like I had discussed in my season 1 videos? Like sell them to be used as spies etc.? That could be why they could need the guest experiences data.

To see how they reacted to the hosts. What do you think? We also saw Dolores smiling at Bernard in the dream. Dolores is wearing a modern dress in that scene, which means she will eventually make it to the headquarters and will change her dress, probably before leaving Westworld. He also met with Peter Abernathy. In the flashback, Charlotte had asked Bernard to locate Peter. It looks like he will find him soon either for Charlotte or Dolores. And where did that sea come from? It wasn’t there before. They were all shocked to see it. Where do you think it came from? As for Dolores, she was such a badass in this episode. She remembers everything now. ALL of her roles, which also include being Wyatt, and Wyatt was very dangerous.

She draws her strength from that role. As I said in my trailer review videos before, she does seem like the leader of this uprising. She has accepted her role as Wyatt and all of Wyatt’s men are still following her orders. They killed many members of the board. Teddy doesn’t seem happy with all this slaughtering. I hope that’s not the reason why he is lying dead in the sea. Dolores is punishing the guests for killing them. Teddy is not happy with all the bloodshed but Dolores said they didn’t give them a choice. As she has said, “That reckoning is here.” As for Maeve, in my season 1 episode 10 review, I said that a third party was manipulating Maeve to leave the park. It wasn’t Charlotte because she had ordered Lee to take Peter Abernethy out. I hope we would find out who was behind Maeve wanting to escape in season 1. But she showed free will by coming back for her daughter. She recruited Hector and Lee Sizemore in her search team.

It seems like she can control all the hosts now. She didn’t even need any particular phrase to stop that host from eating Lee. It seems all the hosts follow her voice commands. Charlotte thinks Ford had programmed all this, that he programmed Dolores to blow his brains out because he didn’t take his ouster well. She didn’t believe Bernard when he said Dolores might have acted of her own free will. She can’t leave the park because “They” were expecting Charlotte to deliver a host to the mainland but she couldn’t deliver, so she can’t leave. She has uploaded 35 years of data to Peter Abernathy. That’s why she needs Bernard to find him. The Man in black aka William is quite happy now that the game is real. He killed Ford’s host too. But before he was killed, Robert told William that William is in his game now. Now he has to find the door to make it back out. He says the game is meant for William and the game will find him. He said, the “Game begins where you end, and ends where you began.” It seems like a riddle.

If I had to guess, I would say that where William ends is the place where William first became the man in black aka when he lost Dolores and decided to free the hosts. And this will be the same place where he ends too, which means, William ended and the man in black was formed. Where he ended, that’s where he also began. Does this make any sense to you? Anyways, I think Robert was pointing towards Dolores. After all, she was the only reason William changed so much. Does this mean Dolores will be his way out? Or maybe he will be the one to get Dolores out of the park? What is this Door he needs to find? I doubt it would simply be a literal door.

What do you think? A

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