Star Trek Discovery Episode 9 Ending Explained

Star Trek Discovery mid-finale ended with USS Discovery stranded in unknown space, leaving the viewers in suspense. The show will return to CBS All Access on January 7th, resuming with the tenth episode “Despite Yourself”, which will be followed by five more episodes. The 47 minute long chapter finale was full of suspense and action. From Lieutenant Tyler’s weird behavior towards L’rell to the climax in unknown space, the last episode was pretty intense. First let’s take a look at Lieutenant Tyler’s unusual case of PTSD. “What did you do to me?” “Do not worry.” “I will never let them hurt you.”

There’s been a fan theory going around that Kermit Tyler is a Klingon spy and this scene just proved it.

The flashbacks of torture that he’s been having aren’t actually of torture but of a surgery. He in fact is a Klingon who’s been surgically disguised as a human. His superior combat skills also point towards the same fact. He could very well be Voq, the fanatic follower and Torchbearer of T’Kuvma. Whether he remembers his true identity or not, is not yet clear. In the next scene, Lieutenant Stamets decides to make his last jump to Starbase 46. Captain Lorca is deliberately shown putting in the coordinates as if he’s onto something. After the jump, Stamets goes into a trance-like state. Meanwhile, Saru seems unable to pinpoint the location of the ship. This only points to one logical conclusion. With the data gathered from the hundred and thirty three jumps that Stamets made earlier, Lorca figured out how to travel between parallel universes. That is also why the navigational computer read the coordinates he put in as ‘incomplete’ and why Stamets talked of infinite permutations. Lorca made the ship jump into another universe on purpose, but his intentions are not yet clear.

We shall find out soon I guess!

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