Solo Trailer Theories

Finally, Star Wars meets guardians the galaxy kind of meets Indiana Jones!

We got the solo teaser trailer finally and the TV spot.  Whilst The Last Jedi  will continue to tantalize our brains for the next two years, we have something new and fun on the horizon to focus on. That’s, of course, the new Han Solo movie, which I’m looking very much forward too! Especially now that the trailer is out. I’ll be the first to admit I didn’t care much for it before, however now after this teaser trailer I’m fully onboard.

Now while much of what we’re seeing in this trailer is brand new canon, meaning everything we knew of Han Solo and Lando from the now classified ‘legends’ books are now irrelevant. Before I get on with the main teaser trailer there is one thing from the TV spot in yesterday’s short teaser I noticed and that is that we may have seen the planet called Ord Mantell.

If this planet is Ord Mantell, which showed up in the N63 game ‘Shadows of the Empire’ (as well as other places), then I’ve got a couple things to say about it.

Ord Mantell was home to a base of operations for the Black Sun crime syndicate and it later came under the control of Palpatine and the Galatic Empire as a whole. Han had a run-in with a bounty hunter on this planet. Now I don’t really care too much for that but what I do care about is that during the Clone Wars a battle was fought on the planet between the shadow collective. The shadow collective was a criminal organization and it was led by Darth Maul could that mean that we have a chance of seeing Maul in this movie even for a glimpse?

Wouldn’t that be something!

So we start off the teaser trailer with Han enlisting in the Empire. He’s now set out to do something with his life, and as he’s asked which faction he wants to join and he tells the Imperial in-charge that he wishes to become a pilot. As we saw in the short TV spot as he tells us that he got kicked out of the Academy for having a mind of his own – we can only question just what this mind of his had led him to do! Now in ‘legends’, Chewie went on a mission to save Wookie enslaved by the Empire, which was where Solo met Chewie. How he meets Chewie in this film I have no clue, we’ll have to wait and see what the new Canon will be for that!

However, joining the Empire then hating it as he later does leads me to kind of think that saving Chewie from a Wookie slave camp is a great way to spark their friendship and the life debt that Chewie owes to Han which is what keeps him by his side for all those years. As the teaser continues, we see cinematic beautiful shots of the pristine Millennium Falcon, we see Woody Harrelson’s character Tobias Beckett who, thanks to a Lego set, has seen to be depicted as Han’s mentor – someone who shapes the young man into the galaxy’s finest Smuggler.

We’ve also seen one of the toys having revealed Han and Beckett’s in disguise along with a TIE fighter so does this mean they steal one from the Empire?

Why does Han charge Obi-wan and Luke so many credits to stay away from Imperial entanglements? Because he now has a bounty on his head himself from Palpatine and the Empire. Anyways, Tobias tells Han that he’s putting a crew together, and this is where I think the movie will take a very fun Indiana Jones meets guardians of the galaxy type of feel, giving us Han, Beckett, Lando, Chewie and Amelia Clark’s new character, Keira or Kira – who we don’t know much about yet.

Also in the trailer, we see the Falcon gliding through the stormy skies where we see the ship’s actual real original shape! I guess something happened to it in this film that breaks off a piece of the falcon, or perhaps a reason as to why that piece is gone is that maybe it was an escape pod of some sort.

Well, I think that’s enough for now! Loads more I could have written but this post would have got too long! Either way, I’m excited about the film! Let’s see what happens!

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