Reylo Episode 9 Theory: Will They Balance The Force?

Kylo Ren and Ray are philosophically on opposite sides of the force spectrum, despite this ,the cosmic force seems to be pushing these two force users together.

I’m personally a huge fan of the reylo connection and I see these two as the embodiment of yin and yang and the dark and light sides of the force.

The big question for the entire saga is how realistically could Kylo Ren in Ray actually achieve the balance that the force seems to desire?

I’ve got a theory on how this could actually work and we’re gonna get into that right now

In my opinion, this entire new saga is about balance. That is what the force desires, that is what is going on in the galaxy – the new saga is also about setting up a new legacy and setting the stage for the future of Star Wars films in general.

Many of us in the Star Wars fandom believe that Rey and Kylo are functioning as yin and yang and they are working towards achieving balance, however we have no idea how that could actually work so I want to start this by going over the popular current fan theories on how this balance could work and why I think both of these theories are actually wrong.

Rey turning to the dark side

So the first option or theory for this balance would be Rey turning to the dark side. Now it’s clear to me that Rey does have the dark side in her and despite her being a symbol for hope and having a lot of light side abilities, I do believe that the dark side lives inside of her and that she has a call to it. Ray is an embodiment of the light side but she is also tempted to the dark – which is the exact opposite of what’s going on with Kylo.

Despite this, I don’t think Rey, will ‘go to the dark side, rather she is establishing a new version of the Jedi Code that incorporates a lot of darkside principles.

By doing this I think they would have to buy into an authoritarian system of rule and the galaxy would have to once again have an empire or a hierarchy in which these two force users would be in charge of pretty much everybody. A lot of people in the Star Wars community, especially people in the reylo community believed that this is the only viable way for reylo to exist.

Ray would have to recognize the darkness within her and join Kylo. A problem with this theory is that Ray would never go for it because despite her having that aggression and feeling the pull to the dark side, her true nature is not to be oppressive, it is not to be destructive. She is actually peaceful in nature, hopeful in nature, and that is why she is the embodiment of the light.

Besides, the force would just find a new conduit for the light side and we would re-enter the cycle of conflict fighting between the light and the dark, and that’s not really balanced now is it?

The other side of this equation and the next theory that I want to talk about would be Kylo turning to the light side.

Kylo turning to the light side

So once again I do not think this would be simply returning to the Jedi Order and definitely not the Jedi Order of Yoda. This would have to be something new that, while totally focusing on light side principles, would possibly incorporate some of the darkside or at least not be as restrictive or dogmatic as the Jedi orders that have come before us. This would require Kylo and Rey to be representatives of the light side this would be chaos over order, passive over aggression and defensive over aggression. The rule in this kind of a situation would be democratic and Reylo would not directly influence or be involved with governing. This would of course come at the cost of efficiency the forced training under this kind of an arrangement would be to protect life – it would be to empower people and basically be passive guardians to what was going on in the galaxy.

The problem with this theory is that I just don’t think Kylo would go for it because despite feeling the pull to the light side and despite having a lot of light still inside him it is just simply not in his nature to submit. He is the Prince of Darkness, he is the embodiment of rage and fear and all of those feelings which do make up natural feelings within people.

The way forward?

I think the only true way to achieve balance is to have some semblance of peace between the light side and the dark side. I personally think of this as like a cosmic force ceasefire.

The current cycle that we are on in the Star Wars galaxy goes something like this. At one time in the past you had the Sith Empire and we had the Republic which was protected and governed partially by the Jedi. The Republic Falls and the Empire Rises, in part due to evil schemings by the Sith Lords. However, some time later the Empire was defeated and gave rise to the Galactic Republic and now the Galactic Republic is once again crumbling and in place of it we have the First Order – which is another dark side governing body.

There is a cost to this constant ebb and flow and warring between the light and the dark. One of the main things for me is that this had to have come with a loss of knowledge – you know that winners rewrite the history books and I know for certain that the Jedi destroyed many of the Sith teachings and Sith artifacts once they established the Republic. Similarly, Palpatine destroyed a lot of the Jedi archives and the Jedi holocrons the teachings and knowledge that the Jedi had acquired over thousands of years. You see the force users of the galaxy are continuously hitting the reset button on the knowledge of the force!

This constant battling is not allowing people to see the true nature of the force. It has also created the loss of new discoveries about the great mystery, due to the rules and regulations of the Jedi which were made to stop people from going to the dark side.

The warring has also damaged the force itself – think about Episode 2. The Jedi Council could not sense the force properly.

So what we need is for Kylo Ren and Rey to create is a new Code. The new code will establish a new way of doing things, consolidating the power of the dark and light side.

It will be hard, but Reylo have the very difficult job of bringing both sides of the force together and bring peace and order to the galaxy.

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