Here’s how ST Discovery could handle Captain Lorca for season 2


This article contains spoilers for Star Trek Discovery Season 1 Episode 12….

As discussed elsewhere on this site that although our jaws did hit the floor when we found out that Captain Lorca was in fact actually the evil version plucked from the Mirror Universe, it was not completely unexpected.

But one big questions remains, just where has Prime-Lorca been all this time?

I’m sure I’m not the only one hoping that we haven’t seen the last of Lorca…Mirror-Lorca, yes, but what about Prime-Lorca?

In fact, one of my top wishes for season 2 is that Prime-Lorca makes an appearance!

So where is he? We know that Lorca was the Captain of the USS Buren in the Prime Universe and somehow Mirror-Lorca managed to take his identity. I’m fairly sure that the two Lorca’s wouldn’t have swapped universes, the multi-verse just doesn’t work like that. No, Mirror-Lorca, after arriving in the Prime Universe, would have somehow tracked down his Prime counterpart and got rid of him somehow.  The obvious answer is that Prime-Lorca died along with the rest of his crew when Mirror-Lorca destroyed the Buren. He claims to have destroyed the Buren to save his crew from Klingon torturers, but the truth I suspect is that he was simply covering his tracks.

My guess/hope though is this; not only did Prime Lorca survive the destruction of his ship but he has also managed to find his way back to Starfleet and report in. Now that the Discovery has returned from its 9-month tour of the Mirror Universe, who knows? Prime-Lorca could make a dramatic appearance! Perhaps, even at some point during the last two episodes. Finale cliffhanger?

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